Birmingham Air Conditioning Service Limited design and manufacture bespoke air conditioning systems and air handling units to meet any requirement.

We consult with application engineers to ensure our units meet any and every requirement of them. Our combined experience and expertise in Air Handling units mean that we are able to meet any required specification.

Here is a list of the example requirements we can meet:

  • The latest Health Technical Memorandum 03-01
  • Corrosive requirements (e.g. swimming pools)
  • Other high humidity locations
  • Combined supply and extract units to provide heat recovery to the latest building regulations (part L) fitted with either recuperators or thermal wheels
  • Compact designs to fit within limited plant room space
  • Fully weatherproof designs

We manufacture close control units to provide accurate control of temperature and humidity within standard rooms, test rooms and to process applications.

Air handling units can be supplied in flat pack format for manufacture in our facility and assembly on-site by our trained personnel which is useful when retrofitting in existing plant rooms, or when large scale designs must be transported long distances or through an occupied building to the plant location.